Burleith • Hillandale

The multiple listing service (MRIS) combines sales for the neighborhoods of Burleith and Hillandale as they both fall under the legal subdivision of Burleith. If you would like specific information on either community please contact Lenore for more information.

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Burleith is a community of small single-family row houses. The 535 houses in the neighborhood were mostly developed in the 1920's. The neighborhood is wholly residential, forming a small oasis of peaceful greenery nestled alongside Glover-Archbold Park. At the same time, residents have easy access to commerce located along Wisconsin Avenue and in Georgetown. To learn more about Burleith visit the Burleith Citizens Association page.

Hillandale is a luxury, gated community situated on 42 acres in a naturally wooded area. The land was once the country estate of oil heiress Anne Archbold. The Hillandale community was developed in the late 1980's and features 268 town houses, semi-detached houses and single-family homes. The community's exclusive amenities include a swimming pool, tennis court, clubhouse, a "tot-lot" playground area, and security. To learn more about the Hillandale community visit the Hillandale Homeowners Association page. 



Average Sales for Burleith and Hillandale - combined